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Pilar Briceño Cárdenas

Hi, I'm Pilar! I'm a Colombian fashion and textile designer, passionate about prints, born in 1993.

I won the EPSON Digital Couture Project competition, where my collection "Natural Folk" was presented during New York Fashion Week in 2015.

My creations always involve one of my greatest passions, art. With my drawings, I transform my imagination and reality into designs that can be worn.

The brand was born from the desire to always be immersed in creativity, creating prints that allow us to connect with color and life, caring for every detail, writing stories, and giving special moments to each of our customers.

Our products are 100% Colombian and are for everyone. We believe in spirituality and the magic of nature, which inspires us to constantly innovate. We want you to take home products made with soul, full of good energy, quality, and originality.

TARJETAS FIINAL 2018 OP 2_edited.jpg
Pilar briceño.jpg
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