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We consider Ethical Fashion to be the convergence of sustainability, awareness, and social responsibility. We have a fully transparent process for products made with soul, and we want you to know how we work because we care about every detail to give you quality and honesty in every purchase. Our ethical development does not end here; we are constantly seeking opportunities to keep growing.

Our Fabrics

We aim to be an environmentally conscious brand, which is why our textile bases are made from recycled ocean plastic bottles. Did you know that 4 billion plastic bottles pollute the rivers, beaches, and oceans of Colombia? In line with our sustainability purpose, we source the best raw materials to be a part of our products. 12 recycled bottles equal 1 meter of our silk. Here's how the process works:

  • PET bottle collection

  • Selection and crushing

  • Polymer creation

  • Transformation into polyester fibers

  • Yarn production

  • Weaving of recycled polyester

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Our germinable packaging is made from sugarcane waste, it has excellent quality, and best of all, it's environmentally friendly. You'll have the opportunity to plant a Guayacan Bonsai and be part of the ecological revolution.



We use sublimation printing, an innovative technique that doesn't generate wastewater or require subsequent polluting treatments. The inks we use are certified by environmental protection standards. This process achieves amazing results in terms of color variety, quality, and textile durability.

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A great team

We greatly value the work of those who make our products, pay them fairly, and acknowledge their honorable work. This creative workshop, made up of Colombian hands and smiles, brings all our ideas to life. Endless thanks!

Donations of Love

A percentage of each of our collections is donated to a very special foundation in Bogotá that helps children and young people with cancer and vulnerable living conditions. We are very happy to be able to help warriors who cling to life with love and gratitude every day. We can all help, and together we will overcome the disease!

Zero Waste

We don't want to generate waste! The waste from each collection is used to create new products. In addition, the versatility of our creations allows them to be used in many different ways, thereby prolonging the life of the product and contributing to the sustainability of our brand.


¡Estamos sumamente comprometidos con la moda sostenible!

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